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The woman was sitting on the front steps, wrapped in her overcoat, with one dog on her lap and the other with its snout pushed up against her heavy shoe. Her sodden face glistened tranquilly in the murky fog. Larsen cursed himself for coming, began to feel that he was dark and clumsy, an intruder. […]

A snippet from Onetti’s The Shipyard: Galvez was still smiling, head tilted back. Larsen spat out his cigarette, and the three of them sat staring out into the black winter’s night, at the path reflected like silver filings, at the persistence of the scattered stars calling out to be named. Larsen, the shipyard’s manager, has […]

Eye Eye


Juan Carlos Onetti keeps a beady eye on things. From Pablo Dotta’s film “El Dirigible”, which recounts what happens when an airship appears in the skies over Montevideo. [via phrayres] And I’ve just begun to read The Shipyard…

Two recent Latin-American encounters, with two writers who at first sight, could not be more different. The first concerns the reading habits of Julio Cort├ízar, via pasteldenaranja: Cort├ízar was not a bibliophile, as his widow tells in this funny anecdote. While they were reading a novel in a train: “He read a page, he tore […]