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Stephen Mitchelmore, in a recent post at This Plaice Space, writes of his “uncomprehending recognition of the regular flounder between Blanchot and Bernhard, Proust and Kafka, Stevens and Celan from which this blog is suspended.“I thought that a nice phrase – we all have our tutelary deities, beneath whom we variously, to quote Webster’s definition […]

Time’s Arrow


At first glance, writers of languages like English seem to be those who favor an arrow of time which goes left to right and down the page. Page breaks are some sort of discontinuity which doesn’t seem to bother them, but seems to bother a related clan, the copy editor. But a closer inspection of […]

A story of cultural differences, and the power of the written word. via super colossal

My work, whatever form it may take, is seen as mischief, as lawlessness, as an accident. But that’s how I like it, so I agree. I subscribe to it with both hands.It is a question of how you look at it. What I prize in the doughnut is the hole. But what about the dough […]