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Félix Fénéon’s collection of faits divers, Novels in Three Lines – now available to the twenty-first century reader in serial form, so you can experience them as Le Matin readers did a century ago. via A Different Stripe. Advertisements

photo: Farm machinery on the disused railway line between Askrigg and Aysgarth, February 2008, taken by yours truly The American poet and publisher Jonathan Williams, who knew, among other places, Wensleydale, where I have just been, died on Sunday last. in a characteristically-titled essay “Some Speak of a/ Return to Nature/ I Wonder Where They/ […]

See also here, and here. WARNING: Cute Japanese women overload. Like that’s a bad thing. [via No-sword]

To be seasonally up to date for a change, this time of year in France means only one thing: c’est la Rentrée! I refer to la Rentrée littéraire, the annual binge of new title publishing that takes place between the end of August and the end of November. This year it’s bigger than ever, with […]

My copy of Life Is a Dream by Pedro Calderón de la Barca, which I’ve signed up to review for Blog a Penguin Classic, arrived yesterday. It’s a play that begins with somebody falling off a horse. I like it already…

The UK edition may be OP, but it looks as though Bordewijk’s book is still in print in the US: Character: A Novel of Father and Son. [Ivan R. Dee, Publisher].

Books this season a season or two ago: Fiction – signandsight German storytellers made a strong showing this spring, right across the age spectrum. And foreign books in translation tell of violence in holiday camps in Sweden, refugee smugglers in Piedmont and down-and-out writers in the streets of Sofia. Coming late to this, but what […]



Cormac McCarthy & the semi-colon, a cautionary tale. Apparently publishers get “very very unhappy” if your punctuation varies from the norm, as Helen DeWitt discovered. I particularly liked one response in the comments: Who are these people that your publishers said will think the book sloppy and unprofessional b/c of its punctuation? The only group […]

The latest edition of CONTEXT has an excellent article on Witold Gombrowicz by Michael Pinker. Here’s a taste: Gombrowicz conveys his scorn of contemporary Polish attitudes while his farcical masqueraders awkwardly pirouette around their sense of their own belittlement, puppets of the forms they inflict on one another. There’s also an interview with Dumitru Tsepeneag, […]

I’ve just signed up to Blog A Penguin Classic, where all 1400 or so books on the Penguin Classics list are up for review. If you’re quick, they send you one of them, you write about it, and people can then comment on your review. The book they’re sending me is Life is a Dream, […]