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Now that I’ll no longer be spending more time moving books around than reading them – 200 boxes a day, average of, say, 30 books per box (sometimes more, sometimes fewer) = 6,000 books, of which I’d typically be handling at least half of them: nasty, heavy things they are, in piles or shrinkwraps of […]

I’ve added an authors page, up there in the header. Now, if I find a good site about an author while putting a post together, I’ll stick it up there. Submissions are welcome too – please post them either to the page itself, or to the relevant post where appropriate.

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Now y’all bear this in mind: bo diddley says: [via FoxyTunes / You Can’t Judge A Book By Lookin’ At The Cover] image from lonniec61

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The LibraryThing page for the book I am (mostly) currently reading. (Meta-comment: this would be good as a (perpetually-updated) page, wouldn’t it?)

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flexible theme uses that hatom thing well more images? a flickr widget/slidehow? working with Library Thing – to get me to use it more