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We have all had great fun getting our tongues around the alliterative phrases like “crabbit crocodile wi clarty claes” – well, you’d be grumpy too if someone was throwing tomatoes at you and getting your clothes all dirty! – and we’ve learnt lots of Scots in the process. Little brother’s favorite is the “octopus in […]



The Book of Accidents: Designed for Young Children. New Haven : S. Babcock, Sidney’s press, 1831. via Room 26 Cabinet of Curiosities

A gallimaufrey


I have much that should be blogged, and so, to save time, I’m going to throw it all in here together and have done. It’ll be a bit of a higgle-piggle or hodge-podge, but in the spirit of the season, there should be something here for everybody. I did indeed reread Alan Garner’s The Moon […]

Dark materials


These magical and mysterious jacket illustrations by George Adamson for Alan Garner’s two children’s fantasy classics, The Weirdstone of Brisingamen and The Moon of Gomrath give the four-shilling (in 1969, the back cover also carried the decimal equivalent, ’20p’) Puffin paperbacks I still own the richness of jewel-encrusted incunabula from a wizard’s study. Garner himself […]

From Lyrics Pathetic and Humorous from A to Z by Edmund Dulac. You can see all the plates on The lyrics themselves are no great shakes, but the plates are delicious. Via to drown a rose.