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People Reading


New York attorney and bibliophile Donald Oresman and his wife, Patricia, began in 1974 to focus their art collection upon images of people reading. That year, they saw Jim Dine’s portrait of his wife, Nancy, reading and bought it. A few weeks later they came across Larry Rivers’ portrait of the poet Frank O’Hara reading. […]

“…And the prize for the image that best sums up the state of this blog goes to…” Lori Nix, “Library”, from The City Lori Nix Photography, via neko at ffffound!, who spotted it here.

Ongoing at the Anita Shapolsky Gallery in New York, an exhibition of paintings and drawings by a long list of writers who were (or are) also artists, including Walter Abish, John Ashbery, Elizabeth Bishop, Jorge L. Borges, Douglas Coupland, Jim Crace, E.E. Cummings, Lawrence Durrell, Günter Grass, Jonathan Lethem, William Saroyan, Kurt Vonnegut, and more…. […]

Read or dead?


Two prints by the South African artist William Kentridge, from an exhibition at the Edinburgh Printmakers Gallery: “Newspaper unread” “Newspaper read”

“Untitled”, 2005 – Job Koelewijn In the beginning was the word, the written word is unto eternity. A bookcase in the form of a lemniscate (the mathematical sign for infinity), full of books, words, shows the cycle of art. The way in which artworks endure, sometimes concealed, sometimes at eye level, close enough to touch, […]



the photographer Cara Barer makes images of books as objects in a state of flux, raising questions about their possible obsolescence as repositories of knowledge. But as you look at these worn pages that flicker before you, scrolling into folds and curlicues, or forming into dense impacted masses, they begin to seem like living things, […]