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The wonderful work of Eduardo Recife, at MISPRINTED TYP E.

Pete Law has sent me updated information about his translation-prizewinners event at Waterstone’s, Hampstead. I’m particularly pleased to see Nick Caistor – translator of, among many other works of Latin American fiction, Juan Carlos Onetti’s The Shipyard (yes, I’m still reading it – other things intervene, OK?) – make the cut. Literary Translation Prizes Event […]

Fiction-in-translation fans should hie themselves to Waterstone’s, Hampstead on the 15th November for a panel discussion with winners and runners-up of three of this year’s major translation prizes: the Scott Moncrieff Prize (from the French), the Premio Valle Inclán (from the Spanish), and the Schlegel-Tieck Prize (from the German). All three prizes are administered , […]



My preferred interior decorating style is what I would style early American monastic, but the sheer volume of books that I keep around, along with my own ineptitude with spatial organization, prevent me from achieving the kind of sparseness that I like. I’m not sure I would quite substitute “early English monastic” here (too chilly, […]