• “Well, what are we to make of this? A play, written by a Spaniard, set in Poland, which starts with someone falling off a horse…” – my short review of Calderon De La Barca’s Life Is A Dream is up, at Blog A Penguin Classic.
  • There’s a new French magazine “qui voudrait introduire dans le monde francophone, en la renouvelant, la tradition que le Times Literary Supplement, la New York Review of Books, la London Review of Books et, plus récemment, Bookforum ont contribué à inventer, à maintenir et à développer dans le monde anglophone.” Oh really? Yes, RILI. Only brief tastes of the contents are available online, but the first issue of La Revue internationale des livres et des idées includes articles by Yves Citton on Jean Potocki, Frédéric Neyrat on Mike Davies, and an interview with Stuart Hall. One to clock the kiosques for, if you’re over in France.

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