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Opus Libri


Another take on asymmetric, informal, or just plain askew shelving … The inspiration for Opus Shelving (2000) came to designer Sean Yoo during a trip to Pompeii. While walking through the streets of the archaeological site, the designer was struck by a Roman wall-building technique known as “opus incertum,” which is characterized by a distinctively […]



“Well, what are we to make of this? A play, written by a Spaniard, set in Poland, which starts with someone falling off a horse…” – my short review of Calderon De La Barca’s Life Is A Dream is up, at Blog A Penguin Classic. There’s a new French magazine “qui voudrait introduire dans le […]



This project, from Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Greetje van Tiem, certainly puts a new spin on the phrase “spinning a yarn”… via dezeen [post title? see here]

Not sure how practical this shelving system from Dutch firm Sloom & Slordig would be, but it looks fun. via swissmiss

As you might expect, Steve Aylett’s top 10 is, well, a bit more than quite good. Quite probably the ten most interesting speculative fiction novels worth reading. [Note for purists: includes Voltaire]

The woman was sitting on the front steps, wrapped in her overcoat, with one dog on her lap and the other with its snout pushed up against her heavy shoe. Her sodden face glistened tranquilly in the murky fog. Larsen cursed himself for coming, began to feel that he was dark and clumsy, an intruder. […]

My work, whatever form it may take, is seen as mischief, as lawlessness, as an accident. But that’s how I like it, so I agree. I subscribe to it with both hands.It is a question of how you look at it. What I prize in the doughnut is the hole. But what about the dough […]

Pulp fiction…


Momus gets the cultural jitters in B & N: Everything white, everything elegant, everything stylish and modern seems to have been banished from Barnes & Noble. There isn’t a single interesting, “trustworthy” magazine on the racks, although they go on for miles. It’s all about reassurance, pabulum. Something tells me a visit to Printed Matter, […]



My despatch-riders have been notably inactive of late, I notice. I suspect them of bunking off somewhere, probably reading. However, I thought I’d plug a ‘Fiction in Translation’ event taking place at Waterstone’s, Hampstead on the 24th October. The event features Lisa Appignanesi talking to Len Rix (translator of Hungarian novelists Antal Szerb – Journey […]

Book Club font


Nice design from Danish firm Byggstudio: Book Club font on the cover of a literary dictionary. November 2005. [] via FFFFound, etc.