The Danes are coming…!


It seems these right little, tight little islands of ours have been undergoing a bit of a Danish Invasion recently.

Not like this one, though…

This year sees a significant rise in publications of Danish books in English: eleven new Danish books were published in the UK between 2000 and 2005 inclusive, whereas over a one-year period in 2007/08 nine Danish titles will have been published in the UK, including a new book from Peter Høeg.

[Danish Invasion]
I saw Odin’s Island in the shop today and it looked interesting – reminds me of Kirsten Ekman’s extraordinary Forest of Hours, which uses Nordic mythology in a similarly innovative way, to tell a tale that crosses temporal boundaries…

Besides Janne Teller, the other authors being promoted are Leif Davidsen, Christian Jungersen, and Morten Ramsland.

(maybe Knud Romer is coming along a little later, then…?)


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