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The Dissected Manuscript – Instructables

cut up book

I just basically did this, with a Dutch book I found once on a pavement in Amsterdam.

Only funkier, with a shredder.

It was, or still is, a book by Adriaan van der Veen, called Wij Hebben Vleugels, published by Em. Querido in 1946.

It has an epigraph by Wordsworth:

Wings have we, – and as far as we can go,
We may find pleasure: wilderness and wood,
Blank ocean and mere sky, support that mood
Which with the lofty sanctifies the low.

Beyond that, I have no notion of its contents. Querido, a very distinguished Dutch publishing house, is still thriving, though Adriaan van der Veen is, sadly, no longer one of their authors.

Booker-nominated Indra Sinha, on the other hand, is.

[Indra Sinha]


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