Mrs Murphy


The Story of Mrs Murphy, 1949

Outstanding vintage jacket design, spotted by type designer Mark Simonson, (who keeps a pretty spiffy notebook).


2 Responses to “Mrs Murphy”

  1. Hello,

    I was just inquiring about the contents of The Story of Mrs. Murphy. I was at a local hospital with my sister when I noticed a small table of books. I went over, fingered through them and found a copy of The Story of Mrs. Murphy (along with a copy of O.E. Rolvaag’s Giants of the Earth). The books turned out to be free of charge, which was quite nice. I’m just wondering if the book is a good read or not.


    p.s. Also, the cover on my copy looks quite different from that one. Is that bad?

  2. 2 Dave

    Hi there. It looks like your copy is missing its dust jacket – which is only bad if you’re a) a book geek, or b) a book-design geek (I’m probably both!)

    As to whether the book’s any good or not, I’m afraid I can’t enlighten you. All I’ve seen of it is the photograph above. You might ask Mr. Simonson, though I suspect he hasn’t read it either…

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