Stinkers! Bugarees! Oolacuntas! No, I haven’t got a potty mouth. Nor am I channeling Captain Haddock.

I’m talking about Chasing Kangaroos by Tim Flannery (a.k.a “the thinking man’s Steve Irwin” – thank you, St. Louis Today!) – the story of “the most remarkable animal that has ever lived”, as reviewed here and here.

Ooh, there goes another one

This here’s an oolacunta, last sighted in 1935. Of course, that may be because no one’s been able to catch up with one since.oolacunta (caloprymus campestris) from Gould’s Mammals of Australia
“the fabulous oolacunta, a rat kangaroo that is now extinct, streaked across the desert at speeds that made it seem to float above the ground…”


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