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Nils Holger Moormann’s Bookinist chair has a faint air of the Heath-Robinson about it, and even a secret compartment: via Read more about the Bookinist (including some quite strong views in the comments!) at dezeen. Advertisements



Raminagrobis on Rabelais, freemasonry, “the much and justly maligned Claude-Sosthène Grasset d’Orcet (1828-1900)” – crazy name, crazy guy – and the mania for interpretation. Other Women’s Voices is a portal to the lives and work of over 125 women writers who produced a substantial amount of work before 1700 – Enheduanna, Lalla, and Madeleine de […]

What a life!


October 1967… Includes references to: Prince Pince-Nez, cognizance of diary entries being misinterpreted, Susan Sontag’s new novel, “the child of the high seas,” Cherubino period, Caroline, “Loretta” #2, “Rabbit-Collage,” neighborhood children, collage burst, the new “Ravel-Rabbit” series, John Ashbery, and hallucinative dreaming. (excerpt from Joseph Cornell Diaries, 1941-1973 at the Smithsonian’s Archives of American Art.) […]



Stinkers! Bugarees! Oolacuntas! No, I haven’t got a potty mouth. Nor am I channeling Captain Haddock. I’m talking about Chasing Kangaroos by Tim Flannery (a.k.a “the thinking man’s Steve Irwin” – thank you, St. Louis Today!) – the story of “the most remarkable animal that has ever lived”, as reviewed here and here. Ooh, there […]



Three Percent aims to be “a destination for readers, editors, and translators interested in finding out about modern and contemporary international literature.” The site currently carries reviews of novels by Augusto Monterroso, Enrique Vila-Matas, Jan Kjaerstad and Gabriel Josipovici. An imprint, Open Letter, launches this autumn. One to follow. Susan Sontag? Not stupid enough. Via […]

More on Darren Wershler-Henry’s The Iron Whim: A Fragmented History of Typewriting, via John Latta, who cites the following haunting and incantatory utterance: Amaranath sasesusos Oronoco initiation secedes Uruguay Philadelphia. This will be running through my head as I fall asleep tonight… What? Oh, something to do with aligning the keys. Have you no soul? […]

From Lyrics Pathetic and Humorous from A to Z by Edmund Dulac. You can see all the plates on The lyrics themselves are no great shakes, but the plates are delicious. Via to drown a rose.

Le Visage Vert, an occasional publication of one of my favourite French publishers, Editions Zulma, made its 14th appearance last month, with an edition dedicated to the femme fatale motif in French and German Decadent literature. Featuring texts by Jean Lorrain, J-K Huysmans, Michel Meurger and E. F. Benson, as well as a parody of […]

I’ve added an authors page, up there in the header. Now, if I find a good site about an author while putting a post together, I’ll stick it up there. Submissions are welcome too – please post them either to the page itself, or to the relevant post where appropriate.

Two recent Latin-American encounters, with two writers who at first sight, could not be more different. The first concerns the reading habits of Julio Cortázar, via pasteldenaranja: Cortázar was not a bibliophile, as his widow tells in this funny anecdote. While they were reading a novel in a train: “He read a page, he tore […]